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One look inside Goldfish Swim School of Evanston and you’ll see the care we’ve taken to make our bright, clean facility and brand-new pool the best, most comfortable place for your children to learn to swim.

APR 28 Fri

Swim Team Meet!

06:30pm- 08:30pm

Hello swimmers and rec team families! On Friday April 28th we will be having a swim team meet! Sign up sheets will be at the front desk, so when you come in for rec team on Tuesday night, Wednesday night, or Sunday afternoon don’t forget to stop at the front desk. Per swimmer it is 10 dollars to participate. Pizza and ribbons will be given out afterwards. Since we are having this swim meet event THERE WILL BE NO FAMILY SWIM. If you have any questions feel free to call our front desk at 847-777-3474.

MAY 07 Sun

Progress Report Week

09:00am- 12:00pm

Sunday, May 7th to Saturday, May 13th is progress report week! Every child will receive an updated progress report to show them, and their parents where they are skill wise in their respective levels! This is also a great way for parents to see and learn our curriculum as well! Parents do not worry if you are not here for your lesson that week we will have them for you the following week!

MAY 12 Fri

Mother's Day Family Swim Event

06:30pm- 08:00pm

JOIN US FOR OUR MOTHER’S DAY FAMILY SWIM EVENT ON MAY 12th! 6:30pm -8:00 pm. We will have crafts, food, open swim and raffles! The cost per swimmer is 5 dollars per person/15 dollars max per family.

1st Child
or 1 lesson/wk
$87.00/mo. $116.00/mo. $140.00/mo. $195.00/mo. $107.00/mo.
2nd Child
or 2 lessons/wk
$80.90/mo. $107.88/mo. $130.20/mo. $181.35/mo. $99.51/mo.
3rd Child
or 3 lessons/wk
$74.82/mo. $99.76/mo. $120.40/mo. $167.70/mo. $92.02/mo.
Casual "Drop In" Lessons $21.75/lesson $29.00/lesson $35.00/lesson $48.75/lesson $26.75/lesson
Cost Details
Annual Membership $25.00 $20.00 for 2nd child ($45.00 max for a family). Fee is due annually.
Family Swim $5.00 Family Swim costs no more than $15.00 per family and is open to the public. Goldfish members swim free during weekday afternoon Family Swim times.
Jump Start Clinic $100.00 Jump Start Clinics are seasonal 30-minute lessons that run M - F for one week. Lessons will be with the same instructor at the same time each day. Non-members will pay listed cost plus listed Membership Fee. Please see the event calendar for availability.
Party $550.00 We offer 2-hour private use of our facility for a swim-filled celebration. Please call us for more details and availability.
W.A.T.E.R. Safety Presentation FREE We offer 20 minute W.A.T.E.R. Safety Presentations free of charge to schools, daycare centers, educational facilities, organizations and groups. Please contact us for more information.
Learn more about fees

Swim lessons ONCE per week:

This is great for swimmers who are just getting their feet wet (pun intended!) with Goldfish’s Golden Experience. Weekly lessons are key in taking the proper steps toward ensuring your child’s increased safety, comfort and awareness in and around water.

Swim lessons TWICE per week:

This option is great to advance your child’s swimming skills twice as fast! Not only will they advance quicker, but it’s a great cardiovascular exercise for your child!

Casual "Drop-In" lessons:

At Goldfish, we offer casual lessons for that family who wants to “drop in” for that extra class each week. Swimming more than once per week allows your child to improve their skills at a faster pace. Just call us and we can look for a time slot that works for you!

Goldfish Evanston’s Spring Jump Start Clinic will run Monday, March 27th through Friday, March 31st. The cost will be $100/week and registration begins May 1. Jump Start Clinics include five consecutive days of 30-minute swim lessons specially designed for families looking to get their kids water-ready in a hurry!...

Blue Membership

  • For the cost of six months of swim lessons, you will receive:
    • Four additional Drop-in Casual Lessons ($80 value) **
    • FREE Family Swim pass for six months
    • FREE Goggles and Goldfish Swim School towel
  • Cost: $522 MEMBER
  • Cost: $547 NON MEMBER (Cost + $25)
  • Value: $1029

Orange Membership

  • For the cost of one year of swim lessons, you will receive:
    • Waived annual membership fee ($25 value)
    • One FREE Jump Start Clinic and five Drop-in Casual Lessons ($200 value)
    • FREE Family Swim pass for one year
    • FREE Goggles and Goldfish Swim School towel
  • Cost: $1044
  • Value: $2049

Referral Program

Refer a friend to sign up for weekly lessons and receive a $20 credit on your account!  It’s that easy!

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